These articles are based on a mix of research (60%) , first principle reasoning (20%) , and experiential learning (20%). They will help you look at your life and your work in a slightly different way. We believe that Essential knowledge that gives us clarity shapes our lives in the best way possible. 

Knowledge is infinite; So is it’s capacity to shape our lives.

Engines of Growth Introduction

Engines of Growth In India: A Brief Introduction In the heart of Bangalore’s startup hub, amidst the blend of traditional values and modern aspirations, lies a latent powerful concept that...

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  • A Case Study On Growth Strategy: Hubble Contact Lens July 10, 2024
    A Case Study On Growth Strategy: Hubble Contact LensesImage by FreepikImagine if you could double your market share with a single strategic move. That’s what this case study is about. Hubble is a subscription-based, direct-to-consumer (DTC) seller of contact lenses. It’s a traditional, concentrated industry (with 4 large companies owning >50% market share). They’ve mastered customer acquisition […]
    darpan shah
  • The Sticky Engine of Growth — The Indian Context November 30, 2023
    The Sticky Engine of Growth — The Indian ContextImage Credit: chuzailiving.comLet’s ponder for a moment about growth. Not the kind we learn in economics textbooks, but the kind that sticks — durable, consistent, and intimately tied to our customers. The ‘Sticky Engine of Growth’ is not just a buzzword; it’s a real mechanism that can drive incredible growth.But what exactly […]
    darpan shah
  • Engines of Growth in India November 28, 2023
    In the heart of Bangalore’s startup hub, amidst the blend of traditional values and modern aspirations, lies a latent powerful concept that resonates deeply with Indian entrepreneurs at an intuitive level — the Engines of Growth. My journey, from the days of Aurik to now, has been about understanding and applying these engines in the diverse and […]
    darpan shah
  • What You Can Learn From Improv To Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions May 11, 2023
    When there’s a group of people spontaneously putting together a performance, there’s an interesting phenomenon that happens — we communicate with each other not through words, not through actions, but something altogether more vague and almost imperceptible. We communicate through intention.By default, somebody sets up the stage; They create the context of the narrative. They almost always […]
    darpan shah
  • How To Scientifcally Generate Luck For Yourself – 4 Types of Luck Based On Neuroscience April 12, 2023
    Felix Felicia, The Lucky Potion, from Harry Potter“Damn, he’s got lucky with that deal.““Wish I could catch a break like her, then I’ll finally get the hike I know I deserve”“What a lucky chap, if only I had the same luck he does of meeting exactly the right people”If, like me, these thoughts come to you when and you […]
    darpan shah
  • 7 Steps For You To Become Backable — A summary of Backable by Suneel Gupta February 5, 2023
    7 Steps For You To Become Backable — A summary of Backable by Suneel GuptaIt took me a full Sunday to distil my learnings from the book, and put them into this summary. It’s set me off on an exciting path of redefining my communication style and my narratives; I hope this article can ignite a spark in […]
    darpan shah
  • Should I or Shouldn’t I? 2 Ways To Answer February 3, 2023
    Every day, every moment, we make decisions. Some decisions are small; some are life-altering. It’s decisions that define our lives.Complementing this understanding with my real-life experiences wherein my decisions have made and broken me, with subsequent research on understanding the science of how to make decisions, I bring to you some things that will help you […]
    darpan shah
  • The Paradox Of Choice December 5, 2022
    It’s Saturday morning. You have the whole weekend ahead of you. It’s what you’ve been waiting for — the world abounds with possibilities!You could Burrito Wrap yourself and enjoy the Zzzzs under a warm quilt. You could spend time with your family. You could finally read the top 10 books to read before you die so you […]
    darpan shah
  • shape of my heart (and thoughts) August 4, 2022
    we spoke about exploring decision-making through the lens of understanding the form of the decision itself in what the form is going onwhat does the form of a concept mean?let’s see if we can answer this through an analogue.when we see an object, think of 2–3 things that are immediately apparent.take a minute to pause, and recall […]
    darpan shah
  • what the form is going on August 2, 2022
    i want you to think about how you’re thinking right now. it’s almost certainly either through words or images (and video).for most of us, it’s words — our entire life and internal monologue is a long and seemingly never-ending series of one word after another. while that’s great in it’s own way, there are certain benefits we forgo.if i […]
    darpan shah